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Welcome to Standing in Fire

When a dragon threatens a village, most of the people run away and try to find a good place to hide, to stay alive. A few villagers will run towards the dragon to save their neighbours. They know they are putting their lives in danger, but they are willing to stand in the fire for the protection of those that can’t. In stories, we call these people heroes.

Primarily, this site is a World of Warcraft website. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla with a few breaks at the very beginning. Back in Cataclysm, I raided with a Heroic server first team (the equivalent of mythic raiding these days) and have raided ever since at various levels. I also have a stable of Alts.

This site documents my thoughts and experiences playing the game.

"There are people who run from the fire, and there are people who run into it."