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Blizzcon Thoughts

Blizzcon 2018 is over and players everywhere are writing posts and creating videos to share their opinions on what happened. I didn’t buy the virtual ticket so my thoughts come solely from what other people have posted. Overall, I think this was the most underwhelming conference that I can remember. The two big announcements were for a reworked 15+ year old game and a new Diablo mobile game that no one seems to want.

Regarding my thoughts on the World of Warcraft announcements, I am not sure what I think. Overall, getting WoW Classic for free with an active account is nice; although I am not sure I will ever play it. I started playing WoW during classic and the cons outweigh the pros. Having to eat and drink after every mob makes levelling very slow.

As for the next few patches, it’s nice to get a release date for 8.1, but I would have liked it sooner. It seems that the 77 day release cycle is a thing of the past. I am glad that the new raid won’t be opening on December 11th as my raid team is still trying to progress through heroics and get to mythics. At this rate, we have a long wait for the Azshara raid.

My response to this Blizzcon is meh.It is lukewarm. I haven’t stopped playing, but I also haven’t renewed my subscription either (scheduled to run out in March). I don’t care about the new heritage armour, or the new allied races, nor am I overly excited about the new Azshara’s Eternal Throne raid.

I do like the two new cinematics that Blizzard released. The animation in “Lost Honour” is just incredible. The detail on Anduin’s face is probably the best that they have ever done. The story was a little short and could have been longer, but the quality was outstanding. Blizzard really needs to make their own Warcraft movie. As for “Terror of Darkshore”, it was nice to see the Night Elves take a much more aggressive stand against the horde. I am hoping that Blizzard finally lets Malfurion off the leash and shows what he is truly capable of.

Hopefully, if the 8.1 improvements are successful, I will be a lot more excited for WoW’s future. Right now though, I am wondering where Blizzard is taking the game. Hopefully we won’t be at Blizzcon 2019 and sitting through an announcement of WoW on mobile, but right now, I wouldn’t put it past them.

My Thoughts on Battle for Azeroth

What is my opinion of BfA so far? I am really not sure. If you listen to youtube or the WoW forums, it is easy to come to the conclusion that most people hate it. The amount of negative opinions seem overwhelming. It is far too easy to assume that the noisy people are correct and this really is the worst expansion ever.

I do agree that there are some problems: azerite gear doesn’t really work; without tier sets or unique armour sets, there is not much reason to farm bosses in raids; and I am definitely running out of stuff to do. i find myself wishing I was back in Legion a lot cause that was the last time my character felt really strong and interesting. It was a lot more fun farming Artifact Power and unlocking Artifact traits compared to levelling up a necklace that doesn’t provide any benefits outside of a higher iLevel.

Aside from raiding, I am finding it hard to identify aspects of the game that I am really enjoying. I don’t really run heroic dungeons anymore, mythic dungeons are far too much work to pug into, and world quests are very quickly losing their charm (not to mention they don’t provide anything I can use on my main).

I am enjoying raiding this tier, despite the lack of any good trinkets, tier sets, or armour models. The bosses are mostly interesting and provide some interesting mechanics. The raid team I am on isn’t that bad. We are currently 5/8 Heroic with aspirations to beat some mythic bosses. Although we don’t really have any heroic bosses on farm yet.

If there are things that you are enjoying about BfA, leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear what others are finding fun and maybe I can resurrect my enjoyment of the game.