In an attempt at getting this blog up and running, and along with the other kinds of writing I plan to do, I wanted to do the 20 Days of… WoW Blogging challenge. The first challenge is to introduce one’s self, so here goes.

I am me, nice to meet you. I like WoW.

In fact, I probably play far too much of it. I also like reading about WoW and watching videos of it. Hmm…, I gotta get a life ;-). I also want to see if I like writing about it. I also want to see if I like writing about it, and, by extension, see if I like writing. So here goes…

Other interests? Let’s see. Science fiction, action movies, creative things, ideas and information, and… Well, currently, that is one of the problems. I am not sure what else I am interested in. A life goal is to answer that question. But that is probably more than you wanted to know.

As for WoW, I have played every class up to level 85.

I set myself a challenge to level all 10 classes during Wrath of the Lich King, but there was just too much to do. With Cataclysm, and a lot less to do, I was able to complete my quest; ten classes to level 85. However, I will not be doing this in Mists, it is too much work and far too expensive.

Instead, I have decided to concentrate (in order) on just five characters: Traellus, my hunter; Nyea, my priest; Raineshadow, my druid; Kirune, my paladin; and Traedeth, my death knight. So expect posts for each class and posts from each toon as they make their way through Pandaria.

To close, let the journey begin. I am as eager as you to see how it goes. This is the first step.