My newest frame in Warframe is the speedy Gauss. I am still learning the frame, but so far, I like him. The biggest thing to know about Gauss is that, in a straight line, he is the fastest frame in Warframe. Just do not try and go around a corner. So in that respect, Gauss is a lot like an American muscle car.

Apart from speed, the biggest Pro that Gauss has is his potential 100 percent damage reduction. I say “potential” because to get to that 100 percent, you need to keep his battery at 100. When starting off, you have 20-30 percent protection. The more you run around, the more energy you put in his battery and the more damage reduction you get. This means that if you zone into a mission in the middle of a fire fight, you may die.

However, once Gauss battery gets to 100 percent you are basically invincible. All you need to do is to keep moving and make sure you do not accidentally turn off his Kinetic Plating.

The one con that Gauss has is that he is not a damage frame. Running around and crashing into things doesn’t really do enough slash damage to warrant doing and his Thermal Sunder also doesn’t really do much damage. Although the cold can be good for crowd control.

With this being said though, Gauss is a lot of fun to play and makes getting around the larger tile sets really fast.