The Reaper Cometh

Endwalker is right around the corner and I can’t wait. I have made the decision to change from playing mostly Summoner to playing Reaper for this next expansion. The job looks rather amazing and nice and flashy. I’m hoping the class proves to be fun to play and not too technical. I am not a big fan of positionals.

I am hoping to write a lot more about Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker here as the expansion progresses. I have been playing the game for almost a year and half now. On Steam, I have 2357 hours played. So far, I really like it.

Is it better than World of Warcraft? I don’t know. I think the story is better; however, the RPG elements are definitely worse. It’s also a lot more of a single player game that takes place in a large online world. WoW is all about rushing to max level so you can take part in the endgame. FFXIV is about the main story quest and progressing slowly. You get to max level when you get there. The important thing is to savor the story.