Thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) for the last month or so. So far, I am about 200 hours into the game. I played the game way back when it launched, but due to playing WoW and how imbalanced the game was, I stopped. Since then, the game has matured, gone free-to-play and has been balanced.

I started playing the game as a Jedi Knight and found very quickly that this was a bad idea. It was a lot like playing a warrior back in vanilla WoW. Each class gets a companion, but back then, the companions each did a unique job. Some classes got a healing companion while other classes got a DPS companion. The Jedi Knight’s first companion was DPS. This meant that if you were fighting more than one mob, each fight was a race to kill the mobs before you died. So, similar to a warrior, it was fight, replenish health, fight, replenish health and so on.

However, since then, the game has gone through a lot of changes and is a lot more solo player friendly. For instance, companions can be set to heal, tank or dps and they make most of the content trivial. In addition, BioWare have created solo versions of a fair number of Flashpoints (dungeons).

There are still a fair number of really odd bugs in the game though; although none of them are game breaking, just annoying. For instance, the using the mouse to adjust the camera will sometimes cause the camera to point at the sky or the ground and camera rotations is set insanely fast and has to be turned down to 2 or 3 percent.

Each class has a unique story, although, so far, none of them are overly captivating. Apparently the Sith Inquisiter story is the best, but I am leaving that to last.

Although it is no where near as refined and polished as WoW or FFXIV, I definitely think it is still worth playing, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. And you can play almost the entire game for free with almost no pay-to-win aspects to it.